"Between me and the life there is a mist of words always." (Oscar Wilde)

Proofreading Pluses

A skilled proofreader

  • checks facts & statistics
  • ensures all proper nouns are correct
  • corrects spelling ü catches missed lines, words and phrases in the text
  • verifies all numeric references are correct and consistent throughout the text
  • checks for inconsistencies in style
  • ensures headings/sub-headings are formatted consistently throughout the publication

The proofreader not only looks for and corrects typed errors, but also looks at the entire visual presentation of the document. In many business publications, the text and the visual elements are intertwined.

For example

  • the font used for headings must be consistent
  • an informational or instructional diagram must compliment the points raised in an accompanying paragraphs
  • photographs referred to in the text must be on the correct page
  • information in a chart and the numbers on a graph must correspond with what has been stated in the text

A proofreader is your last defense against errors!

Contact us ... skilled proofreading produces polished impressions.