"Between me and the life there is a mist of words always." (Oscar Wilde)

What Can an Editor Do For You?

An editor stands
between you and your public image!

Communication pieces that lack focus, contain spelling and grammatical errors, that are written using the wrong tone of voice, or that include fuzzy or illogical directions/requests, result in:-

  • a loss of confidence in your company and/or its products/services by consumers, shareholders, customers, services providers
  • missed opportunities for increased sales, image-building, expanding customer base, promoting new products/services
  • a poor opinion of your abilities to match or beat the products/services offered by the competition
  • a belief on the part of your intended target audience that sloppy communication materials equates with sloppy workmanship, record-keeping, invoicing and customer service

Even with the best of intentions, errors in spelling, sentence structure, grammar, fact and logic can creep into text. This is especially true of materials written by committee, or in haste!

An editor

  • helps to make your message clear
  • ensures your message is appropriate for the intended audience
  • makes your words – and your company – look good

An editor can also save you time and money!

Multiple revisions by a non-expert waste precious resources. A professional editor goes to the heart of the message, cutting excessive words and phrases so that the text flows clearly, logically and understandably. When you make an editor your first reader, errors in thought, facts, spelling and grammar are caught before your publications “go public”.

As experts in organization and attention to detail, an editor can make your life easier by managing your project from start (concept) to finish (publication).

A professional editor will help turn your words into positive prose!

Contact us ... experienced editing produces polished impressions.