"Between me and the life there is a mist of words always." (Oscar Wilde)

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WORD TIP: Like, As, Such As...

Like ... What's the Difference?

Much confusion arises between the proper use of  "like", "as", "such as".


Use like to make a comparison between two nouns.


She looks like her mother.
Like Susan, Sally is also a blonde.
Like father, like son.

Use as or as if to connect words or clauses in a sentence. "As" and "as if" are conjunctions; their function is to connect words or phrases. "Like" is never a conjunction!
Hint: as and as if are used when the comparison involves action.


Bobby ran as if his life depended on it.
He talks as if he is an expert.

Use such as as to mean "for example".


He enjoyed music such as rock, hip-hop and rap.
The book is riddled with errors such as incorrect use of grammar and innumerable spelling mistakes.