"Between me and the life there is a mist of words always." (Oscar Wilde)

About the Corporate Word

The Corporate Word was established in 1987. Our first project was to write all the text for a promotional magazine about the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for the Chamber of Commerce. Stories covered such topics as housing, transportation, education, health service, and sports and entertainment.

This project gave us an opportunity to shine - and we did! The finished product was well-received. It blended the necessary facts and statistics with evocative descriptive writing that showcased a busy, industrial but very beautiful city. It proved to be a successful marketing tool for the client.

The written word has tremendous power. Think of the times you have been provoked, persuaded, entertained, enthralled, saddened or angered by words. Words can tell a story, describe a person, and advance an idea - not bad for a group of abstract symbols!

The key to the power of words is being able to use the right word at the right time and in the correct context. Skilfully employed, words can impress us, move us to action, transform our thinking, or challenge our beliefs. Power indeed!

The Corporate Word takes immense pride in creating written documents that not only say something worthwhile, but say it in an interesting, informative manner.

The Corporate Word also offers editing and proofreading services for print and Web applications.